TROOPER : The spacing robot

100% electrical

  • Silent
  • Non polluting

100% autonomous

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Reactive and adaptative

Adapted to nurseries

  • Robust and light
  • Prevent floor damage
  • Weather-proof

Innovative robot

  • Patented innovation
  • Made in France


  • Constant working quality
  • High reproducibility

Continuous operation

  • Working 24/24h ; all days
  • Multi-batteries pack


  • Payload : until 30 kg
  • Up to 7 pots at a time (depending on the liter)
  • Max weight per pot : 5 kg
  • Yield: 150~200 pots/hour (depends on liter)
  • Liter : 2L to 5L
  • Diameter of the pots : 14 cm to 29 cm
  • Height of pots: 13 cm to 25 cm


  • Dimension : 70x60x65 cm
  • Unloaded weight : ~65 kg
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Protection : IP54
  • Resistant: rain, dust, sunshine


  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Full charge in 4 hours
  • Working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (even at night) with multi-batteries option


  • Maximum speed : 5km/h
  • Overcoming obstacles : 5cm
  • Maximum elevation: 5%
  • Working width: up to 8 meters


1st step : Configure the task via an intuitive interface located at the back of the robot.

Simply select:

  • The pot model
  • Inter-pot spacing
  • The size of the rows (number of pots per row)

2nd step : Prepare the production bed

(1) Mark off the production area by placing a line of plastic cones (1) on the ground with a spacing of approximately 2 meters

(2) Move the robot to the start of the line and use the interface to record the drop point (2)

(3) Move the robot to the location where the pots are dropped off and use the interface to register the grab point (3)

3rd step : An operator on a forklift collects the pots from the potting machine and then places them on the ground at the grab point (3).

4th step : The robot goes back and forth between the grab point (3) and the drop point (2) and performs the spacing in complete autonomy.

Finally : Go about your business. The robot alerts you when it’s finished.

Profitability : Reduce your expenses.

Reduced pain : Lower the risk of MSD* and preserve your employees

* Musculo-skeletal disorder.

Serenity : Forget the stress of recruiting seasonal workers

Predictability : Secure your schedule


1 – Interchangeable charger

  • Quick and intuitive change
  • Charger adapted to each liter (from 2L to 5L)
  • Customly designed charger

We adapt our charger to your containers

2 – Interchangeable hands

  • Quick and intuitive change
  • Small liter hands (2L – 3L)
  • Medium liter hands (4L – 5L)
  • Customly designed hands

We adapt our hands to your containers

2- “Easy Swap” battery

  • Optional second battery pack
  • Quick and easy replacement

3- Adapted drive wheels

  • Agricultural wheels: suited to rough terrain
  • Smooth wheels: preserve the tarps on the ground